Known Exploits

You must not use any of the known exploits below. Your submission will be invalidated if you do so.

  • Off-style Deathspore stacks
  • Deathspore arrow stacks can be obtained through off-style critical hits from 'AoE' abilities if the player switches to a bow with the ammo on the same tick they use one of those abilities.

  • Vestments of Havoc - Offstyle
  • If you get adren above your max adren and then use that adren to use mage/range adren costing abilities Example: Sun/DS at 120%, Grico to 120% into Sun/DS, Tsunami Grico to 120% then Sun/DS etc


  1. All submissions must be provided with video evidence. YouTube, Twitch VODs and Streamable are accepted. Twitch clips and other formats are not.
  2. We currently only accept first, second and third place submissions.
  3. Legacy records will not be accepted and will be deleted.
  4. Final decisions are made at moderators’ discretion - this includes exceptions to the below rule due to too insignificant changes or buffs.
  5. Your record may be removed from the leaderboard if changes to mechanics prevent your kill from being replicated.
  6. Submissions are removed if all videos become unavailable so it is heavily encouraged to provide as many perspectives as possible.
  7. It is discouraged to submit slow kills after a significant patch just for the sake of holding a record briefly.
  8. If using combat dummies from Treasure hunter, you must use them the same way that you use invention MKII dummies. This means that multiple dummy placements from one player are not allowed.
  9. Submissions that are considered to be "sold" as a service will not be accepted. Anyone caught doing so will be banned from the Leaderboards for a minimum of 7 days, up to a permanent ban based on the severity of the situation.
  10. Enrage based records can only be submitted for the category that is below or equal to the enrage that the kill was achieved on.
    For example: 4000% Telos can only be submitted for 4000%, not 2449%
  11. The video has to clearly show the following: Worn equipment, inventory, chat box, skills and timer message.
  12. Any video edit or in-game setting must not deliberately obscure the content or interface.
  13. You can't submit records with less team mates than the team size. For example, beating a trio time in a solo will not award you first place trio.

Boss Specific Restrictions

  • ED1 - Full Run (Temple of Aminishi)
  • Timer starts at the first movement of the dungeon.
  • You must not use Fishy Treats.
  • ED2 - Full Run (Dragonkin Laboratory)
  • Timer starts at the first movement of the dungeon.
  • ED3 - Full Run (The Shadow Reef)
  • Timer starts at the first movement of the dungeon.

Non-submittable categories

The following categories are deemed unbeatable and are no longer open for submissions, even if they would fall within the top 3 for that category.
If you see a problem with this list, please report it to an admin or moderator in the discord.

  • Araxxor - Top Path - Duo: 01:24.6
  • Astellarn - Normal Mode - Solo: 00:00.6
  • Astellarn - Normal Mode - Trio: 00:00.6
  • Commander Zilyana - Normal Mode - Solo: 00:00.6
  • Commander Zilyana - Hard Mode - Solo: 00:13.2
  • Corporeal Beast - Normal Mode - Solo: 00:00.6
  • General Graardor - Normal Mode - Solo: 00:00.6
  • General Graardor - Hard Mode - Solo: 00:00.6
  • Kalphite King - Normal Mode - Duo: 00:03.6
  • Kalphite King - Normal Mode - 4-Man: 00:03.6
  • Kalphite Queen - Normal Mode - Solo: 00:10.8
  • King Black Dragon - Normal Mode - Solo: 00:00.6
  • Kree'arra - Normal Mode - Solo: 00:00.6
  • Kree'arra - Hard Mode - Solo: 00:00.6
  • K'ril Tsutsaroth - Normal Mode - Solo: 00:00.6
  • K'ril Tsutsaroth - Hard Mode - Solo: 00:00.6
  • Legiones - Normal Mode - Duo: 00:03
  • Twin Furies - Normal Mode - Solo: 00:00.6
  • Vindicta - Normal Mode - Solo: 00:02.4