Frequently Asked Questions

  • There’s an issue with one of the submissions, how do I raise this to an admin?
    Click on the "Info" tooltip of the record and quote the Submission ID in #report-an-issue on our discord.
  • How are rank and score determined?
    The rank of your submission in the Leaderboards is based on two components, the speed of the record and the team.
    The same team cannot hold more than one place on the Leaderboards, and you also only gain points for your individual best performance in a category.
    This means that if you are part of all of the teams in first, second and third place, you will only gain points for your first place.
    Additionally, you can gain at most one score allocation from any given category: First places are worth 4 points, Second places are worth 2 points, and Third places are worth 1 point.

    We've chosen this approach to mitigate multiple submissions being made by the same team when beating a previous record but we also believe it is the fairest way to allocate score for the Hiscores.
  • Some of the records on the old record sheet aren’t here now, where are they?
    If all POVs of the submission are invalid then the submission is removed since the rules require at least one POV for the record to be valid. Certain categories like Casual Araxxor or 5 Man Vorago were also removed.
  • How is the embedded video picked on the leaderboards?
    The embeddable status of a video is determined by it's copyright status and if the creator has made it unavailable for websites. We try and get around this by picking the next most relevant video that is embeddable and show that. If there's no embeddable videos for that category then you can enjoy the soothing sound of coconuts.
  • Why has Normal Mode Vorago been split up into weeks in some cases but grouped for other team sizes?
    We were interested in adding weeks to small team Vorago records to help showcase optimal times and how they differ across weeks. We asked the current Vorago record holders and they agreed that Trio and 7-man times don’t change much by week so we grouped them up but kept Solo and Duo more granular.
  • How have the mechanics been allocated to these records and why are some missing?
    We watched each submission and added the mechanics to them individually, in cases where it didn’t impact the kill, the mechanic wasn’t included so the submission isn’t excluded in the future if that mechanic was nerfed. For example: If the kill didn’t need to use target cycle to be the same time, it wasn’t added.
  • How does the combat style filter work?
    The combat style filter lets you look at any records that used that style. To clarify, this doesn't mean we're ranking speed kills across combat style.
    The speed of a melee kill will still be compared to the speed of a mage/range kill when assigning ranks. The combat style field is mainly for information, not for splitting bosses into even more categories.
  • Which combat style do I pick for Croesus?
    Any combat style is fine - An admin will manually remove this combat style from the record when it gets processed. That way it won't skew the analytics.
  • Have certain categories changed between the sheet and website?
    Yes, we removed certain redundant enrages from Telos to align with the new rule regarding backwards submitting. We also added some new categories based on current community interests and gave Vorago a weekly mode for small team sizes.
  • Categories removed:
  • 200%, 300% and 1000% Telos
  • 3000% Arch-Glacor
  • Trio RoTS
  • Categories added:
  • Split Solo and Duo Normal Mode Vorago into weeks
  • Added Solo AoD
  • Added Solo Beastmaster
  • Added Duo Yakamaru