• This is a list of which mechanics we expect to be nerfed in the future - accurately adding these to your submission can help us make sure we correctly flag each record.
    By using this system, if something is nerfed in the future, we can do a blanket filter of all records that used that and mark them as invalid.
    When an admin looks at your submission, they double check the mechanics that were used in the kill match what was submitted.

    Of course, there are changes we don’t see coming (like Terrasaur maul interaction with barge) so don’t worry about trying to make a note of anything that isn’t on this list - We’ll manually go back and check records for issues like that when nerfs of that impact are made.
  • Mechanics we expect to be nerfed

    • 2 tick hunter
      Activating the hunter skill cape perk will reset your hunting cooldown. This turns what normally would be a 4-tick action to 2-ticks.
    • 4TAA
      Four-tick auto-attacking allows the player to auto-attack with the rate of a dual wield weapon, with the increased damage of the two-handed weapon.
    • 60s Kal'gerion - Alt/Dismiss
      The Kal'gerion demon spec was extended from 15 to 60s. Using alts or speccing and then dismissing for another familiar is now viable. If the duration is changed, that may impact the speed of records.
    • Animate Dead
      For each piece of magic tank armour worn: Gain 10% of its armour value as flat damage reduction Gain 33% of your Defence level as flat damage reduction
    • Barge weapon switching
      Damage stacks calculated incorrectly when barging and swapping weapon tiers, effects from bled weapons were applied to the later wielded weapons. This was fixed on 13th Dec 2021 but we reverted the impact it had on records on 18th September 2022. We've decided to allow this mechanic to stay, as all records it had affected have since been beaten or matched.
    • Bleed skip
      By luring Vorago behind a rock, he can't perform his bleed special attack and skips it
    • Bow of the Last Guardian
      Could potentially be changed, adding as a placeholder mechanic just in case
    • Chincend
      Stalling incendiary shot out of range and then releasing with chinchompas gives huge AoE damage
    • Chin SGB
      Casting SGB from EoF with chinchompas on does huge AoE damage
    • Clone Skip
      Vorago doesn't spawn Clones in solos. In group fights, luring him out of sight of other players on the team tricks him into thinking it's a solo fight thus skipping the clone special attack.
    • Cryptbloom Armour
    • Deathspore arrows
      When 5 stacks of Feasting Spores are obtained, they are consumed to grant a 9 second (15 tick) buff that makes the next Ranged ability that would cost adrenaline free, this includes special attacks
    • ECB
      Eldritch crossbow has no cooldown on it, if this is changed it would massively impact any records that used it beforehand
    • GConc
      Greater concentrated blast is very powerful, quite likely it will be changed
    • Grico
      Wouldn't be surprised if it was nerfed further
    • Hydrix bolts
      Hydrix bakriminel bolts generate a lot of adrenaline, especially with grico
    • Ranged overrides
      Keepsaking ranged weapons means your hits land with the speed of the keepsaked item, not your actual mainhand speed
    • Ruby SGB
      Ruby bakriminel bolts apply to all arrows of SGB
    • Smoke Cloud
      Wouldn't be surprised if mage was also brought down to the levels smoke cloud is currently at with melee/range
    • Staff of Armadyl
      You know why
    • Target Cycle
      I really hope this isn't fixed but i'm adding it just incase so we don't have to go through every record again in the future
    • Teamsplit early bomb fire
      Damaging Vorago during Teamsplit with barge or other methods used to fire out blue bombs which would speed up the kill. This was fixed but it is still reproduceable by using greater chain on a dummy
    • Vestments of Havoc
      If you get adren above your max adren using non melee weapons and then use that adren to use melee adren costing abilities Example: Grico to 120% into zerk is fine. Don't add if just meleeing.

    Mechanics that have been nerfed

    • 255 stats
      By activating berserker auras and logging out, you could wait for the cooldown to expire and activate it again. This stacked the stat buff from the aura, capping at 255 stats. "Show stats lol"
    • 3 tick snipe
      With ability queueing you used to be able to queue your next ability 3t after casting snipe and you would get both abilities even though snipe should have cancelled.
    • 5TAA (Range autos)
      Used to be able to DW abil 5taa DW abil 5taa (Similar to c4taa) but for ranged autos. No longer possible
    • Berserker's Chocolate
      Unobtainable after 2018. When eaten, it increases damage by roughly 3% for one minute.
    • C4TAA
      Continuous four-tick auto-attacking, by switching to dw the same tick as casting 2h auto you could get staff autos every 4t instead of 7t
    • Dreadnip Stun
      Dreadnips used to ignore stun immunity, it was particularly effective at raids
    • FoTS with sigils
      Fury of the Small used to be able to give adrenaline to sigil abilities, so you could spam ioh, dslayer, demon slayer etc to gain adrenaline with the relic
    • GChain - Special attack
      GChain is not consumed if a special attack is used after it, effectively buffing the special attack and then the next ability too.
    • Grico - Before nerf
      Greater ricochet dealt more damage than intended. Average damage was nerfed by around 29%.
    • Kerapac phase skip
      You used to be able to damage kerapac during phase transitions, this could cause him to die before phasing thus skipping the remaining phases
    • Magma tempest
      Used to be able to crit, was very powerful with FSoA
    • Melee planted feet
      Planted feet used to extend berserk too
    • Mole dig skip
      Mole heals an insane amount now if you overdamage
    • Omnipower - Before nerf
      Omnipower was dealing 90%-270% per hit instead of 90%-180%
    • Purple bomb barge damage
      You could damage Vorago during his purple bomb spec which would help skip a lot of the phase.
    • Smoke Cloud - Before nerf
      Smoke Cloud worked at 100% boost for all 3 styles, this was nerfed to only work at 100% for mage and 40% for melee/range