Welcome to the PvM Records for RuneScape!

  • Speed killing in RuneScape has been popular for years and we began actively tracking the fastest kills by boss in 2015 using Google Sheets.
    Ever since then, the community and interest for records has massively increased and we have seen thousands of submissions!
    Many of you had expressed your eagerness to see the history of records, splitting out combat styles and making it simpler to search for the record you’re after.

    We started this project with the aim of doing just that and expanded to add features like showing all records that you have ever held, searching with certain game mechanics to show records that used nerfed methods, and even some analytics for trends over time!

    We really enjoyed working on this and hope that it gives you a much deeper insight into how speed killing on RuneScape has developed.

    If you experience any issues or want to give any feedback, let us know through our discord using the #report-an-issue channel.

  • Credits
  • Duk, Andy, iFishy and San.

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    Record Hiscores
    Rank Name Score
    1 Finah 94
    2 P U P 76
    3 Die Alive 64

    4th place Solo Black Stone Dragon - 01:48 - Finah POV