October 2022 PvM Competition

  • Between October 1st (00:00 gametime) and November 1st (00:00 gametime) we will be tallying points from record submissions.
    The emphasis will be on 1st place submissions, but halfway through the event we will begin to accept 2nd and 3rd place submissions (albeit with much lower points awarded). The player with the most points at the end of the month will be declared our winner!


    • Players are given points based on when they've achieved the record, with decreasing value throughout the month.
    • The first place winner will recieve 80% of the prize pool's value, second place will recieve 15%, and third place will recieve 5%.
    • All records must be achieved and submitted within the timeframe of the competition.
      You must include our secret keyword for the month, visible on screen through an in-game chat message sent before or after the kill.
      The secret keyword will be announced on our discord once the competition starts.
    Points Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
    First 1.5 1.35 1.2 1
    Second - - 0.2 0.2
    Third - - 0.1 0.1


    In total, the donations from our staff and community puts the pool value at: 2700M GP!
    In addition, you'll also recieve a special role on our discord to signify your victory!
    If you'd like to contribute to the prize pool, please contact us at #competition-info on our discord.
    * In order to recieve your prizes, you must be present in our discord.

  • Competition Leaderboard

  • This leaderboard updates whenever a valid record has been approved and gains score based on the criteria stated above.
    Please remember second and third places are only accepted from week 3 onwards.
    If you believe there is a mistake, please contact us!

  • Name Score
    P U P 3.0
    helwyr pleb 1.35
    suyo 1.2
    LiesAndTears 1.2
    G0att 1.2
    Jolo 1
    Sly 1
    Russian Dan 1
    incompretend 1
    Whippy Nip 0.2
    Oreotoast 0.2
    Al3xstr4za 0.1
    Ansems Wrath 0.1